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Why Does Yuri Lock Her Door When Using the Internet?

What does Yuri do when in her room with the door locked against her own members?

The topic came up on the April 10th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Celebrity Broadcast – Guerilla Interview,” when SNSD dropped by and paid a visit. Yuri’s fellow members revealed on the show that “Yuri always locks her door when she’s surfing the internet,” and raised further suspicions by asking, “Why?”. Yoona made the atmosphere even more scandalous (and even more embarrassing for Yuri) by asking, “Was it after this incident that Yuri became sexy?”

Amidst all the laughter from the other girls, Yuri tried to insist that she only locks the doors after coming out of her showers, but to no avail. The others were all too engrossed in making fun of her to listen to her explanation.

In other news, when the girls were told to ask their fellow members questions, Sooyoung turned to Taeyeon and inquired, “What is the color of your underwear today?” . The entire recording studio started laughing at the sudden change in the normally innocent image of the nine girls. Taeyeon quickly recovered from her initial shock and vaguely responded with, “a bland one.” Taeyeon also sang and danced to the music of 2NE1 during the “Karaoke – Favorite Music” portion of the show. The rest of the girls attracted quite a bit of attention when they joined in.

During the show, Yoona also spoke of her marriage goals, saying “I want to get married when I’m 27-28 years old.” With amount of attention this girl gets for her beautiful looks and charm, I’m sure that this won’t be a hard dream to achieve!

Original Source:
Article: kpoplive
Translation: soshified forums
Tags: girls generation, internet, tv shows

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