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Jay Park for Hype Nation?

2PM’s ex-leader Jay Park is returning to Korea this year as a movie actor?

On the 12th, it was revealed that Jay Park might be in Hype Nation as the main character after discussions with an entertainment company in America.

A representative said, “Because much of the filming will take place in Korea, Jay will return to Korea as an actor. He will also take part in the soundtrack on the movie. So he is also coming back as a singer. They are looking for a Korean female singer to work on the soundtrack with Jay Park.”

One associate of a popular girl group said, “Staff for Hype Nation had contacted us recently asking for one of the members to star in the movie.”

We all know Jay Park is talented in the dancing area and he’s fluent in English so this movie is perfect for him. Though nothing is completely official yet, all of this is very likely. Son Dambi was previously set to play a leading role in the movie but later dropped out of it after the production suffered financial difficulties.

Source: Star News, AllKpop
Tags: jay park, rumour

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