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Max Matsuura: 'the 3 are forgiving towards the 2, they don't have these feelings at all.'

Ok gaiz, this is pretty big. it's turning into a massive tweet entry.

Max has been sending some emo Tweets our way for the past few hours.

They started with him talking about Changmin (no idea what happened between them, must have missed this) and it basically ended in him saying the guys were seriously divided now.

He's deleted pretty much all of them already.

Start reading from the bottom Tweets up, or it won't make any sense. I think I missed a few, but none of the really important ones (bolded).

I gave up on quitting...

Well then, everyone, to start anew, good morning, max.

Everyone, I'm sorry.

I'll start from scratch.

I'll quit Twitter

I won't say anything more.

To put it bluntly: even though the three are forgiving towards the two, they [the other two] don't have these feelings whatsoever. [lit: 'can't feel this at all']

To the people that don't understand how much of an effort I've made, or how much I've suffered, please don't 'follow' me.

If the 'Dong fans' hate me, please don't follow me.

This will be all.

Every day and every day, I can't sleep worrying about those guys.

Lastly, Changmin was like that, but that doesn't bother me at all. I just want everyone to get along like they used to.

I'll only answer about other topics.

Who exactly are the worst victims... fans....???

It's hard.

By the way, to start anew, good morning, max.

If you're going to be annoying, you don't have to follow me.

I'll delete these Tweets.

you'll understand, right?

If you imagine why...

Why the attitude of the two turned for the worse...

Fact is reality.

Everything has come to an end due to the 'badness' of the two. RT: RIKOxTVXQ @masatomatsuura Matsuura-manager! Could you answer one thing with either'Yes' or 'No'? Are THSK currently on bad terms with each other...? Whas it roughly the truth, what they said on 'Akko ni omakase'*?

*T/N: Akko ni Omakase is a variety show, I've never seen it and I'm not really sure what was said on it exactly, but apparently what it came down to was that the guys pretty much broke up within the group already.

purplesky copies these yesterday. They're in the right order.

masatomatsuura 2人と話させてもらえないこと。RT @tomomaai: @masatomatsuura 1番の悩みってなんですか?
masatomatsuura 一番悲しかったのは去年のレコード大賞の楽屋で偶然チャンミンに会って握手を求めたらしかとされたこと・・・・・
masatomatsuura 教えてくれません。RT @tomomaai: @masatomatsuura 2人の連絡先わ知らないんでしょうか?
masatomatsuura アッ子にお任せはほぼ事実です。RT @kaoriishereforu: @masatomatsuura 核心をつくようですが、あの三人も社長と同じようにあの二人に会わせてもらえてないのですか?
masatomatsuura これで、みんな分かってくれましたか???
masatomatsuura チャンミンに全く無視されたところをジェジュンが見ていて切れてましたRT @hikari719: @masatomatsuura ええっ・・シカトですか。それは厳しいですね・・なんでそうなるんだろう
masatomatsuura 馬鹿正直でショックを受けた方がいたらすいません。でも本当のことなので。。。。avexのスタッフは全員その現場を見ています。
masatomatsuura これは噂ですが、ユノとチャンミンはユニバーサルという噂です。もし、そうなったら、再結成は・・・・・・そして少女時代はユニバ・・・・・
masatomatsuura ユノは握手してくれた。隣にいるチャンミンに手を伸ばしたら無視された・・・RT @asuwakurukara64: @masatomatsuura チャンミンが無視したというのは、韓国サイドから駄目だと言われてたからなんですかね・・・・
masatomatsuura 三人のほうより・・・あっちが・・・・
masatomatsuura 事実は事実。言わないほうが皆のためと思っていましたが、僕も弱い人間でした。ごめんなさい。


masatomatsuura That I'm not allowed to talk to those 2. RT@tomoaai: @masatomatsuura What are you most worried about?
masatomatsuura the saddest was backstage during last year's Record Awards, suddenly being rejected a handshake by Changmin.
masatomatsuura They won't tell me. RT @tomoaai: @masatomatsuura Don't you know their [the two's] contact details?
masatomatsuura 'Akko ni omakase' was the truth. RT @kaorrishereforu: @masatomatsuura Seems like I'm getting straight to the point, but aren't those three being allowed to meet up with those two in the same way as you are?
masatomatsuura With this [information], does everyone understand it now???
masatomatsuura Jaejoong saw me being completely ignored by Changmin and it cut him deep. RT @hikari719: @masatomatsuura eh... are you sure? That's really cold. I wonder why it was like that [I wonder why he did that].masatomatsuura I'm sorry if I shocked anyone with my foolish honesty. But since it's true... everyone from the avex staff saw it at the scene as well.
masatomatsuura This a rumor, but it's the rumour about Yunho and Changmin being with Universal. Maybe, if it were to turn out that way, they might reform...... and Girls' Generation and Univer....
[I hadn't heard of this rumor, but I guess there were rumors about HoMin leaving Avex and joining Universal? No idea what SNSD has to do with this, though.]
masatomatsuura Yunho shook his hand. When he reached out his hand to Changmin, who was next to him, it was disregarded... RT @asuwakurukara64: @masatomatsuura The the fact that Changmin ignored him was probably because the 'Korean side' [aka SME] had said it was no good, right?
masatomatsuura rather than those three... those over there....
masatomatsuura: the truth is the truth. I thought of not saying anything for your sake, but I was a weak person. I'm sorry.

[italics] are A/Ns

Last update on the matter:


'As for me, I'm not angry about anything, I think something must have been going on with Changmin as well. So I won't make such unnecessary tweets again. Let's put the matter to an end with this.'

Source: Masato Matsuura's Twitter & purplesky for yesterday's batch of Tweets.
Translation by atarashiiyoake on LJ.
Don't take out without credits, please.

Okay, so I'm just kind of crying really hard right now. I pretty much lost the faith all in one Tweet there.
Tags: dong bang shin ki,, shit just got real, social media/youtube

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