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Hwang JungEum's tearful confession

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Actress Hwang JungEum gives a tearful confession, “I broke up with Kim YongJoon for one before.”

Hwang JungEun revealed during her participation in the recent recording of SBS Strong Heart, “It became hard for me when I broke off with Kim YongJoon, my boyfriend for a long time.”

The reason for that is that there has been some rumours which surfaced between her and actor Daniel Choi. And because of the rumours, there were some discord between her and Kim YongJoon. When revealing this incident on the show, Hwang JungEum was so overwhelmed by emotions that she teared.

Meanwhile, the rumours surfaced between her and Daniel Choi when they were filming MBC ‘High Kick Through The Rook’. The rumours had let to the breakup once between the couple. But the couple had always denied it.

She said, “During ‘High Kick’, I was really happy and learnt a lot in terms of acting, but there was something which made me really sad. There was a scandal. A scandal saying that I’m dating Daniel Choi, and we were seen having a date at a cafe. Even my coordinator, in charged of my everyday activities, came asking me if we were dating. I didn’t know but YongJoon saw the rumours. And he was under much stress.”

She added, “We would quarrel for the 4 times I would go film the drama every week. He would text me like ‘Liking it?’. Because of the scandal, I thought I need to clear it with YongJoon, but it was so hard back then that I could not.”

She confessed, “In the drama, JiHoon is someone who is really cool and everyone’s ideal guy. I also thought that he was cool, and enjoyed it. To be honest, my heart would flutter once or twice. It was not over the skinship scenes. Our scarf kiss scene had like 10 NG cuts. And I had a huge fight with YongJoon after he saw the scene. YongJoon was such a kind guy, and suddenly he became someone I didn’t know. He said, ‘Did you do it because there is a kiss scene? Do you like it?’. I was so disappointed and could not believe myself. So I gave him the script to see.”

She added, “Because of the fights, I got so tired. I was so tired and YongJoon was not there for me, it was getting so difficult. He even said once that he likes being alone on a program. I was so angry and tired. And he told me ‘I’m sick of you. I’m going to the army soon anyway, and we are going to breakup and have a hard time anyway, let’s break up now in advance. I also need time to prepare to go to army’. And we really broke up.”

“I thought after 1 day,he would not stand it and will call. But he didn’t and we did not contact each other until the drama ended. I felt the love that the drama received from fans have went in vain. Because I need YongJoon for everything to be happy.”

“Then one day, KwangSoo who was next to me called him saying that I miss him. And I was drunk and so asked him to come and take me home. But his reply was ‘Doesn’t she have a manager’. I thought maybe he had a new woman. So I called again, and he agreed to come to fetch me. I was so happy that I could not get drunk. So in the end, I acted drunk. But YongJoon came and saw through, and he looked unhappy. But I tried hard with my aegyo, and he finally smiled and simmered down.”

And she ended off saying, “YongJoon ah, I will only care about you and see you from now on. I will only love you.”  

for tl;dr
rumours of her & daniel choi going out  = yongjoon pissed/jealous > quarreling > yongjoon breaks up with her > her friend called YJ saying she missed him and that she was drunk and to come get her > he basically said no but in the end he came > he looked unhappy > AEGYO TYME > yongjoon smiles. 

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