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Jaebeom 'Hype Nation' casting confirmed... will arrive in Korea in June

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2PM former member Jaebeom's casting in the movie 'Hype Nation' has been confirm and he is anticipated to enter Korea in June.

According to the statements of a 'Hype Nation' representative on the 14th, Park Jaebeom is planning to appear in this movie and is preparing to return to Korea this June. 70% of the filming for 'Hype Nation' is planned to take place in Korea, requiring Jaebeom to return to Korea for filming.

Jaebeom will be working with the American filmmaker Young Lee and will be making his earnest comeback to the entertainment world through this role. As 'Hype Nation' is aiming for the worldwide movie market, the movie dialogue will be in English, making Jaebeom, born and raised in the United States, the right fit for the role, according to the representative. Jaebeom will also sing for the OST, showing his talents as both an actor and a singer.

Jaebeom will play the main character in 'Hype Nation,' a story about Asian and Western b-boys. There are rumores that the main female lead will be played by a Korean girl group member. The 'Hype Nation' representative said, "The filmmaker Young Lee will be returning [to Korea] from America at the very end of April, so the decision sill be made around that time."

Son Dambi had been scheduled to be cast in 'Hype Nation' but for various reasons had to withdraw from the project, causing the main lead of the movie to be changed from a female character to a male.

Original Source: NATE news
Translated by 49.5bananas @ W2D

this movie will be so great
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