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Super Junior Holds 1st Concert in Manila + Press Conference transcript + FANCAMS!

Super Junior Holds 1st Concert in Manila

By Jonathan Hicap
Korea Times Correspondent

MANILA ― From the moment they arrived at the airport until they performed at their one-night-only concert, Korean boy band Super Junior proved their immense popularity in the Philippines.

Thousands of Filipino fans filled the Araneta Coliseum to watch ``The 2nd Asia Tour: Super Show 2'' on April 10.

The Philippines was the last leg of Super Junior's concert series, which ran for nine months since it kicked off in Seoul in July last year and toured China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Super Junior's arrival here on Friday created pandemonium and hysteria when fans stormed the Ninoy Aquino International Airport just to get a glimpse of their idols despite the searing summer heat.

The last few years has seen the rising popularity of hallyu (the Korean wave), and especially K-pop, among Filipinos.

Fans of Super Junior had clamored for the boy band to perform here. In January, concert organizer Pulp Live Productions announced that it had signed the idol group to hold a concert in the Philippines.

On the day of the concert, fans were seen lining up outside the venue as early as 6 a.m. even though the concert didn't start until 7 p.m.

Fans used the three-hour concert to show how much they have been supporting the group in the last few years.

From the start of the concert until the end, fans screamed, cheered and waved their blue-light sticks.

Super Junior's concert also created history in the Philippines as the stage set up inside the coliseum, consisting of 329 platforms, was the largest stage ever built in the country.

Ten of the 13 members of Super Junior performed: Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Donghae, Shindong, Sungmin, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook and Heechul. In addition, Henry and Zhou Mi, members of subgroup Super Junior M, also joined them.

Super Junior performed about 30 songs, including "Sorry Sorry," "Don't Don," "Marry U," "Super Girl" and "Disco Drive".

``I finally got to see them in person and the concert was spectacular. It was worth the wait,'' said 18-year-old Anne, a fan of the group.

During the press conference held hours before the concert, Super Junior thanked their Filipino fans for their continued support.

Leeteuk, the boy band's leader, said they really wanted to come and perform in the Philippines since a lot of fans had visited them in South Korea.

He added that they were very much aware that they are well-loved in the Philippines because a number of Filipino fans have uploaded videos on YouTube showing them dancing to the group's hit song, "Sorry Sorry."

Leeteuk also confirmed that Super Junior will be coming out with their fourth album, adding that they'll try to meet or exceed fans' expectations.

Super Junior said that they are looking forward to their Super Show 3 concert tour and hope that they can come back to the Philippines for another show.
credit: The Korea Times

Transcript of their press conference last April 10th

Click for full size.

Note from source: This is not word for word, but yeah, this is pretty much it anyway. :3 We didn’t translate this! There was a translator during the press conference.
credit: awesomefivesome

Who said cameras weren't allowed? ;P EVERYONE inside Araneta had a camera that night, hence the overwhelming amount of fancams + photos. And here they are! (includes the epic condom/thong fancam!) Please do tell me if I've missed anything. :)

Members' introduction - Siwon's and Shindong's were the best! Shindong spoke in Tagalog!

A Man In Love/Kal Jeung


She Wants It

Neorago/It's You



Disco Drive

Dancing Out

Baby Baby (Sungmin solo)

Insomnia (Ryeowook solo)

Beautiful (Donghae solo)

Forgive Me (Kyuhyun solo)

Resignation (Yesung solo)

Honey (Leeteuk solo)

Sonata of Temptation (Heechul solo)

Don't Don

Our Love

TWINS (Knock Out)

Time to Dance

What If

Sick of Love (Henry solo)

As Long As You're Happy (Zhou Mi solo)

Puff the Magic Dragon


Who Am I (Siwon solo)

Shining Star

Blue Tomorrow

Super Girl

Sorry Sorry



Sunny + Pajama Party

Carnival + Wonder Boy

Marry U + End

And the epic fancam of the night...

credit: awesomefivesome, sjm7rainbow, g3mdr3i, acinat05, danellehernandez, sherrilyn, mrskwonjiyong, princekyu, ettergramm, rimuchan11, ninayskie, arahee03, alverue, 01MidnightFantasy, ololcas, greenict
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