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14th April is MBLAQ Day!

MBLAQ has announced 14th April as MBLAQ Day.

G.O revealed on their UFO Radio on 14th April, “14th April, which is known as Black Day, is MBLAQ Day for us MBLAQ members. From now on, let’s call 14th April MBLAQ Day.”

With that CheonDoong (Thunder) said, “Let’s eat jajangmyun for lunch today.” which got the agreement from the other members. Lee Joon added, “Black Day is a day for people who did not receive any chocolates on Valentines Day and White Day to come together to eat jajangmyun. MBLAQ members who do not have girlfriends will eat jajangmyun with the A+ (MBLAQ official fanclub) fans who do not have boyfriends.”


And on MBLAQ Day, the MBLAQ members picked out some of the messages left by fans to them and sent out replies to these lucky fans.

G.O, “If you do not have any boyfriend, how about having jajangmyun with me?”. SeungHo, “On a day like this, how about having a picnic at the park with me? If you are lazy, let’s have jajangmyun from a lunchbox at the park instead”. Lee Joon, “Come to oppa~ I will buy you jajangmyun and sweet and sour pork!”. And Mir, “Don’t be dismayed on Black Day, next time think of 14th April as MBLAQ day!”

Source: sookyeong

this is too cute~

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