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Eugene shows off her bikini body

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Old school SES member turned actress Eugene revealed her sexy bikini body for the summer.

On the 13th, Eugene posted pictures of herself wearing a bikini via her minihompy where she titled the pictures “beach.” In the photos, Eugene was shown wearing a cute pink colored bikini and making various poses.

Additionally, Eugene also posted a picture with the title “Last Summer in Guam” where she was shown wearing a heavenly white one piece dress with a bright smile. Fans who visited her minihompy positively commented, “How could she still look so pretty even without any make up” and “She’s so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Eugene recently attended her fellow SES member Shoo’s wedding on the 11th with third SES member Bada. The trio re-united and performed congratulatory songs together.

unnie looks so good! i'll miss those three ladies forever! :D but ugh, AKP! it's not SES - it's S.E.S.!!!! >(
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