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Distinction method between idols and A-list idols... "Have you filmed a --?"

Commercials, the one thing that proves the level of popularity of today's hottest stars. Especially specific products that use idols as their advertising models as they get a wave of popularity that is as huge as the idols'.

Advertisers dream of being the top by using the hottest idols as their advertising models and the commercials that only the tops idols can film are by idols who are recognised as the best of the bests. And before we know it, idols and advertisers will join hands together with a win-win strategy.

Best of the bests idol? Should film a -- commercial!

Are the CFs that the biggest idol singers, Big Bang, 2PM, 2NE1, Kara, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Super Junior, etc. different?

From the period of H.O.T and Fin.K.L, only the super idols could film commercials. If idols in the 90s modelled for pagers to appeal to the youths, then things have changed as idols in the current era model for mobile phones. The youths fall into the temptation by the introduction of advertising songs such as 2NE1's 'Try to Follow Me' and Big Bang's 'Lollipop' or T-ara's enthusiastic 'Bubi-bubi'.

Even though there are criticisms of 'Encouraging the youths' drinking habits', the appearance of idols in beer commercials are easy to spot. Big Bang for H in sky blue firefighter suits and refreshing the crowds using water cannons; excluding Yoon Eun Hye, the odd love triangle with 2PM's Taecyeon and Nichkhun for C's beer; as expected they were modelled by idols to seek for sales rebounds.

Compared to mobile phones and beer commercials, fried chicken commericials are bigger. Korea's elite idols lead the 'chicken industry'. Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, 4minute, Kim Hyun Joong, etc. are already dominating the chicken market.

Reason behind the persuasion of idols in -- commercials... why?

"The situation of fried chickens is similar to children's uniforms. Taste is important of course but more than that, there are many levels to attracting children. To them, the criteria of choosing which fried chicken to eat has very much to do with whoever models for them," like what the director of a commercial said, that is why idols are appointed to model for certain products.

Mobile phone products are in the trend for a long time so hot idols are often selected for the commercials. The reason being the idols' images are very well-matched with the latest mobile phones of cutting-edge technology.

The reason behind why idols are in beer commercials recently is of the same context. Products like beer are energetic and have an essence of youth, so the images of hot idols fall in place with the products. This is precisely why refreshing and youthful beer matches idols appropriately.

Are there no problems with using idols in -- commercials?

According to commercial director Choi Sang Won, "There are many instances where idols endorse the products for a year before the company use models the following year. It costs the advertisers a lot of money to replace them immediately, especially if their popularity drops." Nevertheless, idols are hired because they hold so much influence. A huge one-time advertisment is the win-win strategy they join hands together for. However, if the problems that arise in this situation continues, it cannot be forgone.

Director Choi commented, "Idols often film overlapping commercials. The ultimate goal of commercials is to encourage repeat consumption but the overlapping lead to brand confusion. Then in more advertisments, they wouldn't be seen as advertisement idols but just idols."

Like what another commercial said, "Like idols, if we film a commercial, we don't have to truly understand a product and its performance." It is questionable of how a good commercial could be filmed with no sincerity for it. It is obvious that idols see commercials as a means of money more than having a sense of pride and responsibility as a 'model of a product'.

Original source: Nate News
Translated by: crystalheng @
May be taken with credits.
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