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Wonder Girls on live chat!

Some of the things they said:

- Fan asked the girls to sing a little bit of their new song but they were like, "No it's a top, top, top secret but you will love it as soon as you hear!"

- Lim's favourite colour is pink. She also likes Boa because "she's so talented! She sings and dances well and started her career at a young age." She likes Beyonce as well.

- Fan asked who's their favourite 2PM member and they all went silent. In the end Yoobin said "Everyone!" lol.

- Yoobin said something about nobody asking her out to prom because she was a nerd or something like that lmao awww

- New album will be sort of like a mini-album with 8 songs.

- Sohee's favourite colour is black, Lim's is pink, Yeeun's is turquoise, Sunye's is blue, Yoobin's is red!

- Fan asked what their favourite 2AM song was and they all sang Naega jal jal jalmotaesseo~~~

- Joe Jonas tweeted #wondergirls! Yoobin: "OH REALLY? JOEEEE! HI JOE!" Hahahaha precious

- Fan asked if JYP was scary and the girls replied "No, he's funny and caring... He's like an uncle. Uncle Park." Is he funny? Sunye: "Yeah. He's trying to." LOL

- Yoobin said JYP always Sohee bugs bunny and she doesn't like it lol

- Fan asked if they're living in the JYPE dorm or with their family and the girls said they are live with their family whenever they're back in Korea and it's great~

- Fan asked if their new music video will be sexy or cute and they said it's a mix of both. EXCITED!

- Sunye gave out a shoutout to the people who were involved in the natural disasters lately. ♥

- Summer plans for the girls: TOUR TOUR TOUR, visits to Singapore and Indonesia. Yeeun said she'll be bringing her swimsuit and Yoobin said maybe she could take pictures of her lmao 8)

- Fan said she thinks Taekyeon has a crush on Yoobin and they strongly objected to it, "Nooo, I don't think so!" haha. Yoobin said they were "friends... yeah very good friends. Close friends." LOL Sunye said they were more of brother and sister.

- Fan asked who they want to appear with on We Got Married and Yoobin answered some French guy lol sorry I didn't catch his name

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sources: dmhyun @ ustream, Yeeun's twitter, Lim's twitter

Sorry for the tl;dr lol. They were all so cute! Sohee almost didn't say anything though ):
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