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Son Ilrak (b2st dongwoon's father) book, "Cheer for the boy crazed for his dreams"

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■Introducing the book

BEAST (B2ST) Son Dongwoon’s father
Professor Son Ilrak’s letter to his son.

Professor Son Ilrak, who caused a lot of controversy over the internet with a topic called ‘Have tolerance towards 2PM’s leader Park Jaebum!’ writes his 8th book. As the father of the recently rising idol group BEAST (B2ST)’s Son Dongwoon’s father, he’s also a professor as Chungjoo University. In bringing comfort and support for the teenagers as he carries his message in another volume of his books.

*T/N = translator's note

■Shoot your dreams to the world!

This book shines because it shows the reality of the constant rivalry and the battle field of acceptances. We merely become short-minded in relying on the ideas of colleges and universities as we don’t have a clear goal, and as to why students need to study. For the students who are in their teens, this may be a helpful book as they can apply this in their lives and receive many warnings in life from this. In achieving one’s personal dreams, knowing methods to prepare for them, and lastly, achieving them one by one, this will help you embrace the mistakes and the goals you missed.

■Korea’s best stars

Support for the teenagers who dream! B2ST is a group that faced failure and frustration without anyone knowing it. Other than the failure and frustration they faced, the most difficult thing they had to endure was being called a ‘recycled group’ as many hatred and mocking was made. In this book, B2ST’s hardships that they overcame through the brutal practices as they proudly win 1st on a music program is freshly embedded in this book. That is why this book will be a great hope for those teenagers who are dreaming of becoming Korea’s best star as it will open a new road for them.

The author said that those who face failure and frustration, or even those who cry in a dark corner of whom are labeled as losers should be applauded. And most importantly, he said that instead of the foul words and stones being thrown, you should wipe the tears away and that you’ll have to put medicine on over your wound. He strongly suggest this to those who are bitter over not being called ‘1st’ or those who are the ugly ducklings that don’t get noticed, only to flourish into a swan later on.

■One book is more effective than ten scolding.

The author talks about how to manage your time, how to approach a person, how to focus, how to gain more knowledge, how to think, how to maintain human relationships, how to express yourself, and other ways that you will need in order to succeed in life. These methods is exactly what the author used himself as he experienced many situations and is never hesitant to share them to his son on his knowledge of the work field (but this generalizes to life experience).

*T/N: The reason as to why Dongwoon’s dad is so intent on scolding his child (Dongwoon) is not because he wants Dongwoon to be in trouble, but to grow from what he has to teach his son. To Dongwoon’s dad, that he won’t be there to pick him back up if Dongwoon ever falls. He’s generalizing to every parent that while you still have your child with you, you should educate them as much as possible.

★From the text.

My son wanted to become a singer as he started his training in the fall of 2005, right around when he graduated from his 1st year in middle school (equivalent to seventh grade in the States). After many ups and downs, his training of 5 years had finally ended. One day, my son hurriedly packed his belongings and went into a dormitory. Soon enough, he ended up making his debut as an idol singer. It was a foreshadowed separation, but seeing my son walk out of the house wasn’t easy as a part of my heart felt as if it was collapsing. Then I realized that I was taken away the chances to scold and nag at my son again. If I look back, I was a dad that could care less about their children’s problems – it fit perfectly. If so, I was an awfully ignorant father at that. Due to work issues, I was never, ever able to scold my children and once training began, the chances of being able to scold my child became smaller. Alongside that, the time of eating together as a family couldn’t be seen one bit as it reduced drastically to not even bigger than the tip of a fingernail. I advertised whenever my mouth was open that it was important to educate your children at times of dinner in order to raise your children well, but it was ironic that I was never able to keep that promise to myself.


In the end, I am introducing as to why I am cheering for my child. I am the greatest fan of my child and I cheer for him feverously. If I say it this way, people will think that ‘Well, that’s obvious since that’s his child’, and I don’t know if there are people who will necessarily worry over it. However, I don’t encourage and cheer for my child just because he is my son. Also, it’s not because of the group that my son is in has outstanding skills that they exude. The reason is because these guys faced hardships and failure, overcoming rejection also. They overcame the rocks thrown at them from the harsh and thoughtless netizens and that they cried when no one was looking as they stood strong – this is the reason. I think that those who face failure and frustration, or even those who cry in a dark corner of whom are labeled as losers should be applauded. Also, instead of the foul words and stones being thrown at you, you have to wipe the tears away and put medicine on over your wound. The group that my child is under made their debut on October of 2009 as they are fresh rookies. In other words, they’re babies that are just learning to walk. Nowadays, I even hear that ‘Compliments make not only whales dance which is already a given as it can make a mackerel on a dinner table dance also.’

*T/N: The original saying is that ‘Compliments make whales dance’ and that with BEAST, he hears beyond that which makes mackerels dance too lol.

I’m not in the position to tell my child what to do, but from a father’s perspective where he can’t scold his child, by always complimenting them and encouraging them, my heart yearns for them to achieve their dreams and achieve a new status of Hanlyu (Korean wave/craze in areas outside of Korea).

-From the prologue

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Through filming MBC Sunday Sunday Night’s ‘Danbi,’ I was surprised in the many different cultures I faced when filming overseas. This book helped me realize that no matter how bizarre that culture may be, I had to accept it and respect it no matter what.
-Yoon Doojoon (BEAST’s leader, vocalist)

My dad who is always full of sense as he quietly watched over me and supported me through the rigorous training days! The ‘Empty Pottery’ is now crossed in my heart and that I will always try my best to scoop pure water and take enjoyment in it, as you have nailed it in my ear. Hwaiting to you too, dad!

*T/N: This part was worded difficulty, but what Dongwoon is saying is that he’ll always have a fresh state of mind (pure water) and take enjoyment in his life, despite the negatives.

-Son Dongwoon (BEAST’s vocalist)

I sense the deep and warming love of parents. Therefore, I think that I will have to try harder and dancing/singing more intensely. I suggest it to those who are worrying over entrance exams and the future.
*T/N: The intense part means that he’ll work even harder, not intense as in grave or serious lol.
-Yang Yoseob (BEAST’s vocalist)

Our group went through failure and suffering that no one knew about. What was tougher aside from the failure and suffering was being made fun of as a ‘recycled’ group. This book gives hope and dreams to the many that aren’t 1st place. For those who are now last place and an ugly duckling, but will become a swan, and others who are called losers and failures, I think it will benefit you if you read this.
-Jang Hyunseung (BEAST’s vocalist)

The infinite love of parents stained deeply. From either failure or suffering to habitual or laziness, this book has the strength to straighten oneself out.
-Lee Kikwang (BEAST’s vocalist)

I think this book is for friends who can amazingly live their lives with others, yet map out their lives. This book gives you confidence in being able to confront the hardships and obstacles.
-Yong Junhyung (BEAST’s rapper)


maybe tl;dr for some, but this just sweet.
daddy Son is seriously one of the best kpop dads out there. ♥
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