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2PM's new song 'Without U' takes 1st place on real-time charts

2PM's new song 'Without U' has risen to 1st place on real-time charts and is again seeking to dominate the music world.

On the 19th, their 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' and its six songs were announced. The title song 'Without U' took first place on the real-time chart of the music portal site Monkey 3 ( while all of the other songs [on the new album], including 'As Soon As,' and 'I'm Risking My Life,' entered the chart in the top 20.

Not only that, 2PM's songs have also risen to the top of music charts on CyWorld, Melon, and others, heightening anticipation for their comeback.

The JYP-produced 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop''s title song 'Without U' is about a man who was hurt by the lies and betrayal of a woman and decides to stand on his feet again.

Lee Jung Kyu, manager of Monkey 3's music division, said "It will be interesting to see how 2PM's comeback as the representative of male idol groups will change the charts, which are currently dominated by strong solo artists like Lee Hyori and Rain."

2PM's 3rd single album 'Don't Stop Can't Stop,' as well as the music video [for 'Without U'] are available on Monkey 3 (

Original article: NATE News
Translated by: 49.5bananas @ W2D

I really hope they keep this momentum going and have a successful comeback. In other news, see Coldests, even Jay likes the new song!
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