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T-ara: Exclusive Faces for Beauty Care Company

T-ara have signed exclusive modelling contract with beauty and healthcare company Mentholatum Korea. T-ara will now be the face of the company's diverse range of cosmetics from the brand.

6-member female idol group T-ara have gained incredible popularity with "Crazy Because of You" and will be appearing in commercials to show a cute and lively image that only T-ara has. Products are marketed towards teenagers, addressing skin care issues like acne, blocked pores and have specialist care brands such as "Mentholatum Acnes", the lipcare brand "Mentholatum Lip" and the sunscreen "Mentholatum Sunplay".

In an advertising campaign to be unveiled mid-April, "Mentholatum Acnes" and "Mentholatum Lip" is expected to show scenes of a nervous T-ara worrying about skin problems before going on stage, their natural backstage liveliness but the most anticipated scene is their shock transformation into and performance as a rock band.

Mentholatum Korea's marketing manager Park Jaehyun explained the choice: "With a cute but mature image, T-ara were the perfect as models for Mentholatum Korea's skincare products for teens and people in their early-twenties. Our expectations are high that T-ara will make the brand a much more familiar one to consumers."

Having released their second album "Breaking Heart" in February, T-ara have flourished not just in music programs but also in dramas and variety shows, gaining more and more loving fans.

Source: tiaradiadem, asiae.co.kr

Wow!! So cute! every female idol wants to get a beautycare CF. i wish i could get one!
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