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T-ara reveals photos of their World Cup music video filming

We revealed last week that T-ara will be singing a song for the upcoming 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

And now we have photos from their music video filming!

The song was written by Jo Young Soo to wish for the success of Korea’s national team and had been recorded with a choir consisting of 500 members.

The T-ara girls were invited to perform the song and fans will be able to hear it on May 3rd when the song and music video are released together.

Filming of the music video took place last weekend and photos have been released, showing the T-ara members clad in red outfits sponsored by Omphalos and Intercrew and as they also drew on face paint to show their support!

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Source: akp

I guess the rumors are true! They really are the busiest business-dols. and their face paint is soo cute! i wish i could use it at school during world cup time
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