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Strong Heart to shake things up

It’s been seen through its decline in ratings that SBS Strong Heart is losing its popularity these days. Since people are criticizing different aspects of the show, the show is thinking about making some changes.

The show regularly stars 18-20 stars each episode. People have been saying that that is just too many guests a show can handle.

Bang Sang Hyuk PD said, “We’re thinking about lowering the number of guests. We want to try out a new format.”

Since the show has been off air due to the naval ship sinking, the creators are thinking about some changes for it. Because of the World Cup, it may get off air for awhile once again. This is why they have time to consider possible format change.

Whatever it is, we hope they find the right formula.

Source: akp

What a shame... this show was really good. The episode where 2NE1 guested had high ratings. I think if they made Park Bom a host the ratings would go through the roof..
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