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Wonder Girls to Release Brand New English Album in July

It was announced that next month Wonder Girls will be releasing a new mini album worldwide. While some fans were disappointed about the news that it was just going to be an EP, it looks like this will just be a taste for what’s coming.

It turns out that in addition to an EP in May, a totally new album will be released in July.

A JYPE representative said that the May mini album will have the English versions of ‘Nobody’, ‘So Hot’, and ‘Tell Me’, as well as 2 to 3 new songs.

It is already known that the title song of the mini album will be released in 3 different languages. Meanwhile, the album to be release in July will be a completely different English album.

In December it was revealed that Wonder Girls were working with producer musician, Dave Stewart. Their collaboration resulted in a song named ‘Always Without Me’ which was supposed to be included in the album set to be released in February. After the announcement that Wonder Girls would be releasing a mini album in May, many believed this song would be forgotten but we might actually hear the Wonder Girls singing it.

The JYPE representative also said, “The album that is going to be released in July may contain the song by Eurythmic’s member Dave Stewart.

It’s kind of interesting that a new English album will be released in July while Wonder Girls will be having their tour in June where they said they would be singing in Korean and English since they don’t have many English songs.

Seems like Wonder Girls are not giving up on their journey to conquer the American market.

Source: wonderfulsworld
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