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Shine A Light Drops Today!! :D

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Not too long ago, G-Dragon had turned heads by attending his Shine A Light concert’s movie premiere, and a DVD was reported to be in the works. Now, the DVD is finally completed and has been released for fans!

On the 20th, YG Entertaiment had announced, “G-Dragon’s Shine A Light DVD has been released today. This DVD will have two versions, an edited version for 12 and under, and a full length version.”

This DVD will consist of the exact footage from the concert that was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in December 2009. However, this DVD will not only contain songs from his solo album, but will also contain My Age Thirteen from 2001 Korea’s Hip-Hop Flex album, and songs that he contributed to during his trainee days.

Overseas VIPs, you’ve all been waiting for this, and now it’s finally out and ready to be in your possessions!

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