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What is Life Like Among the Members of SNSD?

SNSD visited the set of KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’ recently and exposed many secrets about their lives with each other. Many netizens have been speculating on the nine members’ relationships with each other, and now the girls are finally revealing the truth!

The girls admitted that a few people had awkward relationships while holding hands and claiming that they “are [now] close.” One relationship that had been icy at first was the connection between Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. Hyoyeon confessed that because Taeyeon was the same age as her, she felt extremely uncomfortable around her during the beginnings of their SNSD days. She admitted, “Every time I ate with Taeyeon, I felt so uncomfortable that I didn’t know whether I was eating from my mouth or my nose.” Taeyeon, who had confirmed her previously awkward relationship with Hyoyeon in a previous appearance on a radio show, agreed to this statement and said that she had once felt the same.

Tiffany then revealed that she had once felt equally as uncomfortable around Seohyun. This surprised everyone in the studio, including the other SNSD members, as this was the first time that Tiffany had ever mentioned anything about it. Tiffany went on to explain that when she had to share a room with Seohyun, she “felt pressured to set a good example to Seohyun as an older person. [I was] scared that Seohyun would turn bad due to [me], [so I] used to go into [our] room as late as possible [to avoid her.]” Tiffany was extremely nervous about her behavior due to Seohyun’s reputation as a good girl who follows all the rules.

During this episode of ‘WinWin,’ Tiffany will also be speaking of her reactions towards rumors of her being bullied in SNSD, and revealing the girls’ secrets to successful teamwork. In addition, the girls will talk about their drinking habits in regards to their occasional drinks of alcohol. Be sure not to miss this episode, which is set to be broadcast on April 20!


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