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Bidding on Tiffany’s Hoodie is Discontinued?

We recently reported on SNSD’s Tiffany’s generous donation to the Lotte Home Shopping auction, but it seems that this kindness has hit some turbulence.

Tiffany recently donated one of her personal hoodies to the ‘2010 Star Collection to Share the Love’ campaign by Lotte Home Shopping to raise money for children in need. Tiffany’s item proved to be extremely popular, costing a shocking $990 at one point, and bidding was fierce and relentless! After the one week span of bidding on Tiffany’s autographed hoodie, the final bid came at: ₩20,219,200 (or $18,076)!

Surprised? The auction sponsors felt the exact same way. That is why, unfortunately, the auction has decided to re-auction Tiffany’s item. They felt that the final bid exceeded their aiming price, and, to play it safe, have decided to put it back up for bids.

Though Lotte Home Shopping closed off bids for fellow SNSD members HyoYeon (t-shirt sold for ₩451,000≈$400), YoonA (t-shirt sold for ₩2,239,000≈$2,000), and Sunny (hat sold for ₩700,000≈$625), Tiffany’s hoodie will be back in the auction starting April 26th to May 3rd! So if any of you fans stationed in Korea still want a shot at buying this item, go for it!

Let’s hope that all goes well this second round and a more appropriate bid is placed!

Source: Kim

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