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Laughter-less April continues with more broadcast cancellation

With Korea still mourning from the aftershock of naval ship tragedy, the month of April has been truly depressing for all of us. To multiply the sadness, all three major broadcast stations of Korea including MBC, KBS, and SBS have been cancelling all of their comedy shows for the past several weeks.
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It looks like this week is no exception, as more cancellations are being announced for this weekend. Although it’s been a long time since the tragedy occurred, the stations believed that cancelling the broadcast is appropriate; this is due to the high possibilities that the sunken ship will finally be lifted up on the 24th, which would lead to discoveries of additional dead soldiers.

The cancelled programs follow:
23rd – Music Bank
23rd – Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook
25th – Gag Concert
25th – Happy Sunday (1 Night 2 Days, Qualifications of a Man)
25th – Sweet Night

* Invincible Youth and Invincible Baseball will air as scheduled.
24th – Show! Music Core
24th – Infinity Challenge
24th – Quiz that Changes the World
25th – Sunday Sunday Night (Father, Danbi, Hot Brothers)

* We Got Married will air as scheduled.
SBS (tentative, but likely)
24th – People Who Seek for Laughter
24th – Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate
24th – Star King
24th – Haha Mong Show
25th – Challenge! 1000 Songs
25th – Inkigayo
25th – Sunday is Good (Family Outing, Gold Miss)

*Quiz! Six Sense will air as scheduled.

Could this get any worse? Well, at least we’ll be getting some of Ga-In and Jokwon on Saturday!

source : AKP

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no inki ... & i was looking forward to Haha Mong Show...
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