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Children of Empire, For Japan Activities Being Praised as ’2nd TVXQ’

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ZE:A (Children of Empire) is expected to continue the Korean wave in Japan.

On April 21st, Children of Empire was introduced through Yahoo Japan ‘Zoom In Search’. After having appearance in visit Korea program at Tokyo TV, popular model and talent Yoshikawa Hinano said, “If Children of Empire starts to be active in Japan, they’re going to be as popular as TVXQ”. Because of this, at Yahoo Japan Search result soon the group notched the 8th position.

Children of Empire commented, “We heard that Yahoo Japan was one of most influential portal in Japan, thus to have such result, we feel really honored.” and “It’s hard to predict the future, but this is really an encouragement to show everyone the even better side of us.”

In meantime, on March 26th, Children of Empire successfully mobilized 2000 people at SEOUL TRAIN event in Tokyo, there was an explosive reaction from the audiences. The group will continue to hold a concert in Yokohama and Osaka Japan on June 4th and 6th to commemorate the form of their Japan fanclub.

Source: Newsen
Tags: dong bang shin ki, ze:a
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