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Lee Hyori’s advice to junior singers, “Don’t go into acting so carelessly like I did”

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Lee Hyori, who is recently back with her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ reveals her strategy to differentiate from other singers and gives advice to junior singers.

Lee Hyori was featured for an interview on MBC Section TV Entertainment on 23rd April when she was introduced the singer who is both hardworking and beautiful. And when asked what she thinks the junior will learn from her, Lee Hyori picked her hardworking features despite the money and popularity she gets. And as for what she feels that the junior singers should not follow after her, “I hope they don’t go into drama carelessly like me.”

She explained, “I thought they should keep in mind that the image of a singer is very strong.” Lee Hyori attempted acting in drama ’4-leaves clover’ in 2005 but it was a disappointing production for her.

And about coming back in the same time period with top star Rain, Lee Hyori commented, “I’m not sure if we will harm each other in terms of album sales, but I feel that we are supporting each other.”

sources: kbites + 6xrauren@yt
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