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SS501 to hit the 21st Golden Melody Awards

It has been confirmed that South Korean group, SS501, will be heading to Taiwan in June for the 21st Golden Melody Awards. Having just ended their Asian concert tour at the beginning of the year, they are currently in the midst of practicing singing and dancing, and choosing outfits for the ceremony. Besides being performance guests, the five of them will also be presenting an award. Filled with anticipation, after returning to Korea from Japan, they threw themselves into rehearsal.

Last year, in October, SS501 held their concert in the Taipei Arena and have now received the offer to take part in Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards. Despite having a fully packed schedule while working on their new album, the five agreed immediately and set aside everything else on their schedule.

SS501 are looking forward to their first time participating in the Chinese music scene and hope to interact with more Taiwanese artistes. They will be singing their chart-topping song as well as their latest single for their performance.

Source: CpopAccess
Original Sources: NOWnews, The Liberty Times
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