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[TRANS] Sukira Transcripts 2010.03.12-25 & 2010.04.02-08

100314 Leeteuk’s cruel way of breaking up
Leeteuk: When you break up with your girlfriend, how do you do it? Do you still remember?
Eunhyuk: I can remember some.
Leeteuk: I have too many to the extent I can’t recall any.
Eunhyuk: Er…… I wouldn’t say I have a lot, but it’s because it’s been too long. I can remember some which was recent, but in fact, I wouldn’t want to remember, such painful memories.
Leeteuk: How did you initiate the break up? Phone or face-to-face?
Eunhyuk: Er…… We meet up, it’s more polite.
Leeteuk: Yea it’s more polite, but I usually call them.
Eunhyuk: Doing this makes you look like you have no confidence.
Leeteuk: Nope, it’s the love which is fading away, not the confidence level. So I call her and say, “I dislike you, this is the end of us. Byebye” Like this, but will also get scolded badly.
Eunhyuk: Yea, you will get scolded for breaking up, but I won’t recall anything about the breakup.
Leeteuk: Why? There were so many beautiful memories…… Did you do something wrong to the girl? (T/N: teuk meant if hyuk had somethinglike cheating on the girl. something like that)
Eunhyuk: Nothing fancy to be remembered, all of them are bad memories.

100314 Innocent foreign kid
Leeteuk: Super Junior-M’s Henry bought a earpiece when he was in Korea that time. The packaging wasn’t easy to tear apart, so he used a scissors to cut it open. When he opened the packaging, he found out he cut the earpiece also, so he had to buy a new one. What a waste.
Eunhyuk: Oh, I know about this, the earpiece can’t be used anymore.
Leeteuk: So, this kid who thinks that since he is a foreigner, he should be able to ask for a replacement if he asks them, so he went over and said, “This… wire… broke, could I change for a new one……” and the salesperson said, “I’m sorry, but we have a lot of customers like you.”
Eunhyuk: Yea, the packaging nowadays are so tight, and accidentally cutting the contents while opening the packaging really is infuriating.
Leeteuk: When Henry heard what the salesperson said, he naturally said, “Okay, I’m sorry.” and walked off.

100316 Leeteuk who got scraped by Eunhyuk and Junsu
Leeteuk: When we were still trainees, you and Junsu cheated me of my food money. I sweared that I must get back my money before I hit 30 years old. For five years I was trampled under you guys, especially Junsu, who earns more, so I must get my money back.
Eunhyuk: Recently when I saw him, we were just chatting and I went, “hey, since you earn more than me, should you do something?” and he replied sincerely, “I will treat you to a meal when there’s a chance,”
Leeteuk: Whoa! He improved so much.
Eunhyuk: Really really!
Leeteuk: When we were trainees we would take the bus home at night. When we alighted at the interchange, Eunhyuk and Junsu will say, “Hyung! We want to eat buns!” and they would pull me along with them. When the buns they ordered are ready, the bus they needed to take would reach the station, then both of them will shout, “Hyung! The bus is here!! We will go first!!” and they would run towards the bus with buns in their hands.
Eunhyuk: We didn’t have money, and miscalculated the time and the bus fee. (T/N: In Korea, if you change buses within 30 minutes, it’s free [according to KSH])
Leeteuk: Aish, so sad, and there were so much beverage money, those were such a routine.
Eunhyuk: Why does this person remembers all these things.
Leeteuk: Thinking of it, I’m regretting. You told me, “I don’t have money…… Hyung you are so rich,”
Eunhyuk: You look like a rich man’s son.

100321 Eunhyuk’s pig-like noise when sleeping
Eunhyuk: I have a bad habit while sleeping, and I only got to know it recently. Afew days ago, when I went to do a facial, I fell asleep. It isn’t a deep sleep, but just a nap and I was half-awake. While I was sleeping, I was making noises which sounded like a pig. Even I was aware of it. I was afraid that the person will laugh at me, so I didn’t dare to open my eyes, and was half-awake all the time, so embarrassing.
Leeteuk: Hmm, your own noise woke you up.

100404 Eunteuk who spoke to cats
Eunhyuk: I have a dog called Choco, whom I’ve raised for a very long time, since high school. When I break up with my girlfriend, I would complain to Choco. My girlfriend used to play with Choco, so I told him, “Choco sorry, from today onwards you wouldn’t that noona anymore”.
Leeteuk: I usually return to the dorm at night, and everybody is out but there would be cat. The cat always ignore me, and I would say, “Hey, you come over here.” When I say this, the cat will run away and I would chase after it, and make it sit down. “You sit down, hyung has something to say. Aren’t you tired? Hyung is also very tired.” Although it doesn’t speak, I could feel that he understood me.
Eunhyuk: Yea, when humans speak, they will stare at you. As time goes by, they would understand you.

100405 Eunhyuk and Yesung who argued to buy clothes at a store
Eunhyuk: I always visit the same clothes store with the members, and if I buy something from the store, after afew days, Yesung will visit the store and ask the owner what I had bought, and bought everything I bought. After afew days, I would go to the store and ask the owner what Yesung had bought. This cycle continues, with an unseeked agreement. (T/N: What hyuk meant was that they didn’t “agree” to do this. xD)
Onew: Aish, buying the same thing, what a waste of money
Eunhyuk: Yea, I’m regretting it……

100406 Donghae who swears to be successful
(Guest DJ Donghae, sits at the side without speaking, even guest Hong Kyungmin can’t stand his silence, and asked him about blind dates, just to make him speak)
Donghae: I’ve never tried blind dating, but if I have a girl who I like, I will definitely create many surprises.
Eunhyuk: What, you want to surprise her when you meet her for the first time?
Donghae: If I really really like her. I’ve never went for a blind date, so I don’t know how it feels.
Kyungmin: What surprise are you going to plan for her?
Donghae: Really, I even swear to do it one day. Nowadays, I keep on composing songs. However, when time permits, I would like to drive my girlfriend to the riverside, and start off with some romantic expressions, then turn on the lights and open the four doors. Then, I will get the lights and microphone out from the trunk, turn on the music, dance, and confess to her…… Not those kind of powerful dance, but those gentle, sexy ones.
Kyungmin: So you bought a car? Which kind?
Donghae: Car… car… We together…
Eunhyuk: The percentage of success for the surprise…… Are you sure it will work?
Donghae: The image in my mind is very beautiful, except it sounds funny when describing.
Kyungmin: If you want to dance, the music in the car must be very loud, since your girlfriend is in the car…… Will she go deaf? If your girlfriend has a driving license, that’s bad, she will definitely drive the car off.
Donghae: Aish…… I need to think of other surprises.

100406 Super infatuated guy Lee Donghae
Donghae: When I had my girlfriend, I thought we would get married. However, we broke up after 27 days and I hid in my room for almost one and a half month, writing two years worth of letters and also took a picture of a cake for the video footage of three years.
Eunhyuk: Your first girlfriend?
Donghae: Yea, I watched too many movies, and isn’t there a saying that if you take three videos within a span of three years, your lover who left you will come back? So I bought a cake to take a video with for three years, and wrote two years of letters. Such a big incident, hyungs all said I was useless.
Eunhyuk: You had unrequited love?
Donghae: No. After we got together for awhile, we broke up. I believed that she will come back.
Eunhyuk: Aish, such a heartbreaking story.
Donghae: I didn’t step out of my room for more than a month, my hyungs thought I was dead.
Eunhyuk: So what do you think now? About getting into a relationship and both of you will get married.
Donghae: Now, I think that when two people get into a relationship, the longer the relationship is, the better. What’s important is to understand each other.
Eunhyuk: That’s right, Donghae, you are such a romantist.
Donghae: Yea, I will be very infatuated.

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Via: icepluscoffee

Tags: donghae, eeteuk, eunhyuk, lolz, radio, super junior

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