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Seungri 10 Part 'Star Diary' Part 6 "She's my girl, so I know she'll stay by my side"

Seungri’s busy life in the entertainment industry meant he didn’t get the chance to date properly. His head was full of thoughts like ‘I’m busy as hell, how would I ever have time for a girlfriend?’ Even when he met girls who appealed to him, he would think ‘Should I text her?’ ‘Maybe I should talk to her first’, but he never went past that point.

“I don’t like breaking up.”

Like the rest of us, Seungri also has loving yet embarrassing, cruel memories of his first love. She was a model student who he met back in Gwangju when he was a part of the dance team ‘Episode 1’.

“I saw her while I was dancing, she just stood right out to me.”

She was just some girl who happened to pass by Seungri’s show after watching a movie with her friend. Seungri fell for her at first sight. And maybe it was destiny; her friend later approached him to ask for a photo. Seungri didn’t let this chance slip.

“You should come into the photo too.”

So his first, innocent young love started off like that. Seungri and his “cute and innocent” first girlfriend started dating secretly.

“Even then, we dated in secret. Our dance team was celebrity status in Gwangju, remember? (laughs)”

The young lovers’ relationship was still ongoing three years later. Rather than ‘I love you’, they exchanged supportive words like ‘Try your best’.

“’Try your best today too. Let’s talk again tomorrow.’ We cheered on each others’ dreams.”

As they supported and cheered each other on, Seungri eventually debuted as Big Bang while she entered university in the hopes of becoming a teacher. They were both a huge step closer to their dreams, but the two slowly drifted apart.

“I thought ‘She’s my girl, so I know she’ll stay by my side.’ But one day I went into my girlfriend’s minihompy and it had the shocking word ‘Oppa♥’ written on it. I asked around and it turned out she was dating a guy in his 3rd year of university.”

It was over after that day. But he couldn’t hate her.

“I needed someone to lean on, but you left to a place where I couldn’t even see you anymore. Even when we met up, there was nothing we could do. I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love....”

He accepted and understood the reason for her change of heart. So it seemed Seungri’s exciting first love had come to an end.

▶Part 7 of Seungri's Star Diary will be released on May 3 on the AsiaE Homepage(

Original: AsiaE
Trans Credits: sjay.x @
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