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Mithra Jin "NO we are not Infinite's producers, Just hyungs"

A 3 member hip hop group's Mithra Jin made an explanation about their relationship to the 7 member idol boy group Infinite.

On the 29th, Mithra Jin revealed on twitter that "We keep saying we're not, but why do people keep saying we raised them?".

Also he said "Those kids have a company called Woollim and inside that we only help them occasionally so I don't understand why people say that we're raising them..." and also said "we are not producers... We are only hyungs.." in order to explain Infinite and Epik High's relationship. Epik High and Infinite are both in Woollim Entertainment.

Mithra Jin and Tablo are also appearing on cable TV Mnet 'Infinite You are my Oppa'. Because of this, fans have been saying that Epik High has produced Infinite.

original source: star news
translated source: evilstepsister#2@NLi 

i thought this might clear up any thoughts that epik high were producing their debut song or something lol
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