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f(x)'s Comeback Stage on May 7th in Music Bank

At 10 o'clock AM on the 3rd, f(x)'s new title track NU ABO will be officially released through various sites. NU ABO is a song that has a strong dance and powerful, unique perspective of the f(x) shown through their story and preference.

Another track 'Me+U' is about a student that has one-sided love for a math teacher. And the other track 'Sorry (Dear Daddy)' is gaining anticipation because it is a ballad duet between Krystal and Luna.

An SM Entertainment representative stated "f(x) enhanced itself to a new level with a powerful dance that will surely attract the attention of music fans.

On another hand f(x) plans to have a full-on promotion period with their title track 'NU ABO' starting on the 7th with the upcoming Music Bank.

Source: Bestiz
Credit: Sky~, affxtion
Translated: jEEly

I knew Dear Daddy would be a ballad lol. And...math teacher? mathematical functions indeed.
Click here for a darker version of the photo above. Editted by me via Photoshop :3
Tags: comebacks, f(x)

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