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F.T. Island in disguises, want to return to Taiwan

South Korean idol group, F.T. Island, accepted an exclusive interview in Tokyo and revealed that they miss the voices of their Taiwanese fans. They even said in unison, "(We) really want to go back to Taiwan" and said that they will be returning to Taiwan for a concert soon.

When they heard that (we) were Taiwanese media, the members exclaimed in excitement, "(We) really like Taiwan! Taiwan has many pretty females." Everyone also recited all the Chinese that they had learned. At the end, Lee Hongki even hilariously blurted out "shen jing bing" (mental case/crazy person). Everyone unanimously agreed that, "Chinese is the hardest foreign language!" The 5 will be performing in Japan in July and are planning to visit Taiwan afterward.

Lee Hongki, who previously acted in "You're Beautiful," had the most fluent Japanese. He stated, "I learned all my Japanese from watching Japanese dramas. My favorite actors are Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) and Takuya Kimura, and my favorite actress is Erika Sawajiri." The 5 members all expressed that they were envious of DBSK/TVXQ's JaeJoong being able to collaborate with Ueno Juri.

In F.T. Island's MV for their new Japanese single, "Flower Rock," they put on disguises in order to avoid fans. However, the members say, "In reality, we don't put on disguises when we go out." In an unprecedented move, on May 3rd, Taiwan's MTV and Channel V will be simultaneously broadcasting the MV and ask fans to show their support.

Source: CpopAccess
Original Source: LibertyTimes
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