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2PM Day' and 10 CF deals + 2pm - Coca-Cola World Cup Teaser

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2PM, who enjoys their high popularity in advertising market and famous for their new album, has gotten 4 ads deals recently, indicating blue-ship status in Advertising industry.

Resort brand 'Caribbean Bay', It' skin cosmetics, Calvin Klein and DK are the brands that just signed contracts with 2PM. They have been models for over 10 brands, ranging from cosmetics, beverages, snacks and the resort. We have been exposed to their presences every way, causing '2PM Day' phenomenon.

The Band has reached the pinnacle in the music industry since lat year. Earlier this year, they gained more ads deals, 6 deals in total, namely Anycall Corby, Cass beer, Coca Cola, Spris, Market O and Paris Baguette .

The estimated income for 6 months contracts is 5-6 hundreds million won per ads. When we calculate their contracts , that the durations are 6 months - one year, they have gained 7-8 billion won in a year.

Analysis conducted by Marketing Companies proved this claim. According to the Leespiar Research Institution, 2PM was voted the most renowned artist.

2010 World Cup is coming soon.
2PM is the next idol group after KARA, and T-ara who release World Cup cheer song.

Here's the 2PM for Coca-Cola World Cup teaser

1) dkpopnews
2) dkpopnews
3) sanakujira@yt
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