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8eight comeback May 11th with “Farewell is Coming”

3-member group 8eight will comeback on May 11th with their new song “Farewell is Coming,” releasing it online and offline simultaneously.

8eight’s mini album “The Bridge”‘s title song “Farewell is Coming” was written and composed by Bang Shi Hyuk. Also, for their album concept, they have adopted a theme of shocking romanticism and is garnering a lot of interest.

The concerned parties said favorably, “Even though Bang Shi Hyuk has made many hit songs with other artists, it seems that he shows the best match with 8eight. ‘Farewell is Coming’ is a song that only Bang Shi Hyuk and 8eight can come together to produce.”

8eight, who has had to postpone their album release by a month because of unfavorable conditions (the naval ship sinking) is planned to actively promote their album with the album release.

Source: K-Bites

The song they previously released (Availability Period?) will be on this mini. So excited~
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