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Misc Wonder Girls news post!

LiveNation commercial: Wonder Girls & 2PM tour

Even more pumped up than before! Legit commercial is legit.

WG performing the Chinese ver. of Nobody & English ver. of Tell Me on a Taiwanese show

Yowza. I thought Yoobin was smokin' during her So Hot days but she's never looked better than she does right now. Same for Ye Eun.

And idk whom I want to fire more: 2PM's "Without U" stylist or the person who translated the "Tell Me" and "So Hot" lyrics into English.

Sunmi Bus Ads in Seoul by Wonder Girls Fan Union

As part of the plans For Sunmi by Wonder Girls Fan Union mentioned earlier in March,

Bus Advertisements for Sunmi has been published in Buses in the Seoul on 2nd May 2010, which is also Sunmi’s birthday. The main text on the bus ad, “선미가좋아” meaning “I like Sunmi”.

To Wonder Girls fans during the “Tell Me” period, this phrase would sound familiar as used in the cheer lyrics in between Sunmi’s verse.

(around 0:29)

Original bus ad design:

Yoobin's bday wishes to Wooyoung:

Ye Eun's bday wishes to Sun Mi:

Translation: "Happy Birthday my deer! Eat lots and lots of delicious things!! Oojjujju!"
("deer" is not a typo; Sun Mi's nickname is "Pretty/Flower Deer" b/c of her long legs XD And I think 우쮸쮸 is either an emoticon or some kind of internet laughing, idk?)

Photo updates from Lim:

"Yenny eating strawberry for dessert!yumm><"

"Sun is holding a rice cake!she loves "dduk"!and the pretty homemade cake was for 2pm wooyoung's bday!:-) ahh we had a great time in L.A:-D"

WG sure do love Wooyoung! Reminds me of that episode of Welcome to Wonderland when they were in Thailand with 2PM, and as soon as they walk in, Ye Eun's like, "Wooyoung ah!! Annyoung! ^_^" ♥

Sources: sarangMANGO1, iLOVEyoobin2, Wonderfuls World (+ booloveswondergirls), Yoobin's Twitter + Ye Eun's Twitter + Lim's Twitter
Tags: 2pm, cf, social media/youtube, wonder girls, wooyoung

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