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T-ara EunJung criticised for swearing at HyoMin on Invincible Youth?

Amidst the criticisms against T-ara EunJung, who allegedly swore, during her guest appearance of KBS 2TV Invincible Youth aired on 30th April, there has been many netizens who had gone up to her minihompy to post encouraging messages to her.

With G7 member KARA Goo Hara absent from filming and doing CF filming in Japan, EunJung has stood in for her as guest appearance on the show. When during the show, EunJung was seen advising fellow member HyoMin on strengthening her existence on G7, HyoMin has always been worried about not getting enough air time on the show.

And in the midst, many netizens have pointed out that EunJung was seen swearing on the show which led to negative controversy for the singer. She said, “You have to be sure and go for it. Tell them ‘When I come back from Japan, don’t take out too much of my parts. Just go and tell them so” and at the end of her sentence, it seems that she had pulled a swear word from the look of her mouth to emphasize her stand.

After the controversy went out, many fans have visited EunJung’s minihompy and wrote messages, “I believe that EunJung is not such a person”, “Don’t get worried about such ridiculous criticisms” etc.

Source: Sookyeong

ooh netizens

i think she didn't "say" it, more of like, she just showed some mouth movement?
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