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Super Junior's Kangin To Enter Military in October

Last Year's Best Album winners, 13 Member Idol Group Super Junior's member Kangin (25, Real Name: Kim Youngwoon) will enlist in the army and become a soldier at the end of October.

A military official said in April, "Kangin will receive his enlist notice in September, and prepare to join the military at the end of October."

Super Junior's Entertainment Agency, SM Entertainment said, "The Company received news of Kangin enlisting in the military." and also said, "During this time, we discussed this with Kangin, and agreed to respect his choices. Kangin won't be participating in Super Junior's 4th Album Activities."

(only translated the parts about Kangin being enlisted)

Source: hkn24 &
Translation: 눈웃음 (: @
Take Out With Full Credits

It's no wonder we haven't heard anything about it until today, he hasn't even gotten the notice yet. lol
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