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Dollars and Cents of Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young's outfits

Jang Dong-gun and his pregnant wife, Ko So-young were no exception. Check out how deep their pockets are:

Wedding dress (Oscar De la Renta): 20 million won (about 20,000 USD)
Veil and hairpiece: 600 thousand won
Shoes: 1.2 million won
Earrings: 2 million won
Hair and makeup at W Purify: 1 million won for wedding only. Add rehearsal and after party = 2 million won

For the groom, he just needs a nice tux and some shoes.
For Jang Dong-gun, the tuxedo was estimated at 4 million won. Not much compared to his bride.

Fresh from exchanging their wedding vows on May 2nd, Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young have headed off to their honeymoon in Bali. Of course, with all eyes watching them, the newly-weds are dressed from head to toe in luxury brands

So let’s break it down for you:

Ko So-young
Balmain jacket: 5.5 million won
Ash shoes: 300 thousand won
Celine Luggage Bag (S/S 2010) : 3.65 million won
Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses: 300 thousand won

Total: 9.75 million won

Jang Dong-gun:
Seven Jeans: 400 thousand won
Black Colombo Backpack: 7 million won
White Valextra Bag: 6 million won

Total: 13.4 million won

Sources: 1 and 2 at popseoul

See their wedding pictures and guests here.
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