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2PM @ Suju Kiss the radio , english recaps

Hebergement d'images

They're talking that it's been a very long time since they've been on a radio show and that junho's on was way to radio because he was busy with other schedule. Chan came over right after he landed back in korea.Junsu talked about 2PM's concept for this album that they have changed from beastly idols to chic/urban men.Khun is the most 'Chic' out of them.

They then talked whether they have any worries about this "water show" Chansung said that they could catch cold but Eunhyuk thinks it's more dangerous for mics.

About Passport lost, it was his manager who gathered all the passports and 3 of them were stolen. Those 3 lost passports belonged to Chan and two other staff.

 Chansung went to the airport thinking that they could find Chansung passport somehow but eventually they couldn't find it.

Wooyoung said at the airport Chansung gave him birthday present which is a good headphone.

 Mcs asked whey they didn't stay in LA for Chansung but leave him alone there. Wooyoung said he wanted to stay but only in his mind. wy thinks 'mind' is the most important thing but he had to accept bday gifts from the members not to hurt their heart.

Wooyoung said the Khun bought him the eyeglasses he was wearing which cost 12 dollars and also 4-5 more stuffs at the mall they went together.

Junsu was asked what he gave to Wooyoung he said he didn't see him that much in US and since they're both from Kyungsangdo so he gave him his warm heart.

Fans asked Chansung to speak in English and Khun exchanged conversation with Chansung. When asked what he bought. Chansung said "I was buy" - -

Junho came in after filming dream team and told Eunhyuk that Dreamteam memebrs were mad because he didn't seem to advertise dreamteam a lot on air. Thene Eunhyuk said he would get scold if he metions a program on radio.

 Leeteuk: Well now since Junsu joined us too. Junho reluctanly said "I'm JUNHO"

Fan: Junho oppa, did you bring your muscles? Junho: I left them at home sprry

Khun is sick. Wooyoung talked about why he had lots of male fans. He said it was because of his non-burdensome face. His impression wasn't strong and rather plain.

Fan question: Why at the beginning of your songs there's always JYP? Is it your boss' greediness? Junho: He just likes to put his stamp on the song

 A Chipmunk voice talked something about how Junho has curly hair and he has sorta complex because of that and always asks to get his hair straight.

 Junho says he hates eye-liners but they must put them on when they go on stage

Junho said that in high school days during a test, one teacher came over and grabbed him saying "Yah you little *#&%(*& stop making perms" Junho: but my hair is curly naturally.

Next it seemed like their trainer called and talked about their weight training. He said Chansung almost stopped training after Men's Health photoshoot.

 And then he talked about junho how he didn't train much because growing muscles didn't come as easy for him as for other members.

Junho said his body is #6 in general now. And they say that Wooyoung prefers female sports more like running or something.

 Jin Bora was telling on Junsu that whenever they decide to meet he's always asking 'Who else if gonna come". she finds it disappointing.

Junsu's mistakes he said: "Yeah back in the days when I had a lover", then Leeteuk asked "YOU HAD A lover? Junsu: " had a lover that's a song's name!!'

Fan: Junho, your singing sounds great. did you practice much? Junho: I didn't have any schedules so... Then Eunhyuk went "And skipped training..."

 Fan: Mr. Cameraman, Please shoot our Wooyoung... Camera then went towards Wooyoung. Wooyoung made his face like this....
Hebergement d'images

they talk about their ringtones and callering tones. Wooyoung said he use simple "trrrrr trrrrr" sound

Khun said his ringtone was similar like Wooyoung's and Chansung' "trrrrr trrrrr"

Junho said he was using some Daft Punk song called "Something about us"

Junsu mentioned about his colloring tone, the song was being played in the background it was "Can we talk" Chansung said "It's my favourite song lately"

Chansung's favorite song is 'Sarangheyo' by Kim Jo Han and it was chansungs old callering b4

Junho said when it was hard he would give people Shin Seung Woo's "Seoshi" to listen to

Wooyoung said that when he was having a hard time he would put on Michael jackson's album and listen to songs at random. He couldn't name any song

Khun said he liked Ra.D - Mom

Junho tried to do Outsider's rap but failed. he said that when he did that previously (on radio show once) he practiced for 3 days to get it right.

Fan: "I've heard that WY has gotten into learning english lately" "Khun-oppa what is WY-oppa's English skills?"

 Khun: ajik andwaeyo xD (still not good enough/still can't) and Wooyoung said "That's Right, I'm 동의 (agree) then said 'I'm agreeing"
source : here,sanakujira@yt

Wooyoung was then asked what solo CF he would like to endorse. Wooyoung of course answered "chicken" which members joked that he eats chicken with respect. Then mc guy said 'eat bones' and wy said 'how did you know?'

Then they ended with random talks like what they have been into recently and stuff: Chansung mentioned listening to music, Junsu training, Khun asked for support and said he loved everyone as usual.

source : here ,NeoYayoiza@yt

source :here  janin2pm@yt

source :here ,punchkorpor@yt

watch the show
Hebergement d'images
The lack of Khun is killing me ,  more pics  ...Anyone ? :/

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images

Hebergement d'images


Source : here @2pmalways
Credits: Thai summary by Tik , Eng summary by Egle & Friend ,
Edited by Jas @2pmalways
(thank you so much guyz :p )
huge pics
here @2pmalways

Taec wasn't there :(      So Khunwoo are sick (that's interesting...Hebergement d'images)
Chanbear(he didn't faiL at the airport) and Woodong show off their amazing english skills
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