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Rain tired of fraudulent paternity claims

SEOUL: Korean superstar Rain revealed that he once had a deranged woman claim she was carrying his child, when he appeared on Korean variety show "SBS E!TV" recently, reported Chinese media.

"Around the time I was renovating my condo, a woman I have never met before was sitting and waiting for me at home," said Rain.

"The woman threatened me and said 'I am pregnant with your baby'. They eventually... found out she was suffering from mental illness."

The 27-year-old singer-actor added that he even had women overseas claiming to be carrying his child.

"It seems like in every country there is at least one woman who claims to be pregnant with my child," said Rain, who insisted that he was "an innocent man".

Rain, who last starred in the Hollywood action flick "Ninja Assassin", will return to the small screen in the upcoming Korean drama series "Fugitive", his first drama in five years, after "A Love To Kill".

"Fugitive" will be helmed by the same producer behind the hit Korean period drama "The Slave Hunters". It is slated to go into production in June and air some time in October.

source: channelnewsasia
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