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ShinDong Wants to Marry and Have Pretty Kids

Instead of focusing on the children in MBC BoBoBo, Super Junior’s ShinDong agreed to have a short, but special interview for this coming Children’s Day.

To start off, he was asked how he felt about hosting the show for a long duration of 3 years and he answered that it was such a great honor to be in the show as a senior, especially now as he is called the Seo TaiJi of the kids.

You can read the rest below.

Q. When did the show make you feel it was the most worthwhile?
A. It was a few days ago. After coming back from abroad I bought chocolates for the kids as a Children’s Day gift. But these kids brought in letters that they wrote on colored paper for me. It was emotional. There even was a friend who said ‘When I grow up I will marry someone just like Rolly Polly Shin Dong.’

Q. The young ones must be very affectionate.
A. Nowadays I’m more enthusiastic. I already picked two favorites but when I go to kiss them they run away. (laughter)

Q. You’re only in your 20s but don’t you want to get married and have a cute kid like that?
A. I really think like that a lot. I want to have a smart and pretty daughter. Of course it might be different if I were to have a kid but when I see the children here they are all so pretty and smart, I just want to get married first.

As a part of an idol group, normally people like ShinDong are stressed and aren’t able to have a fun and sweet vibe towards kids; however, ‘Rolly Polly‘ ShinDong disproved that by becoming the favorite of the kids in BoBoBo.

To end that short interview, here is a friendly message to the kids and even for the parents.

“For kids, the days that they look forward to all year long are probably their birthdays and children’s day. To parents I want to tell them what kind of presents to get for their children. I have nothing in particular to say to the kids. Grow up strong and healthy! And also you have to continue to like me, ShinDong!”

Source: Kim HyunRok @MTStarNews
Translation: Julez
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