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Seo In Kook releases Love U MV starring Kim Min Jung

After seeing his teasers, Seo In Kook has finally released the music video for his comeback title track, Love U.

Ahead of his mini album, Just Beginning release on May 6th, Seo In Kook’s music video starring actress Kim Min Jung has been released by MNET Media this evening.

The music video was filmed earlier this month in Phuket, Thailand and sees the return of Kim Min Jung after her long layoff due to her shoulder injury.

The MV storyline is pretty familiar as in female celebrity gets bored of her rigid lifestyle, escapes and falls in love with a man who helps her.

Will there be a happy ending?

His album tracklisting as follows:

01. Beginning
02. 사랑해 U
03. 마지막 생일
04. 왜 웃기만해
05. Prime Time (Feat. Lisa)
06. 첫눈에 (Feat. BEKA of Afterschool)

Many thanks to KangMi for the tip.

Source: allkpop, AsianMusicVideoHD@YT
Tags: music video

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