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Ex After School member Yoo SoYoung denies news of entertainer comeback, “Is there another SoYoung?”

After School ex-member Yoo SoYoung denies recent news announcing that she has signed on with an entertainment company.

SoYoung wrote on her minihompy on 4th May, “I was going home after lessons in school, and I received a call. I was told that there were news about me resuming entertainment activities with a new entertainment company.”

She added, “I don’t have any contract with an agency now. I am currently so busy with schoolwork (currently studying theatrics in JoongAng University), what activities? Aigoo, what a shock. Is there another SoYoung?”

SoYoung debuted as After School last January but left the group last October due to health issues.

Source: KBites

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