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CN Blue to release new album, Jung YongHwa recovers from vocal cord nodules faster than expected

Even though previously, the new album release date for C.N Blue has been delayed due to vocalist Jung YongHwa being diagnosed with vocal cord nodules, it has been announced that the group’s album release will resume as planned initially.

A FNC Music rep revealed, “During the last stage of their new album preparation, Jung YongHwa was diagnosed with vocal code nodules. Fortunately, he recovered faster than expected and the doctor told us he could sing again.”

So with that, the group will release their new album on 19th May, it will include 10 songs with 1 song to be revealed online before the official release.

The company also revealed that to protect Jung YongHwa’s vocals, for the first few weeks after their comeback, they will only do the minimal amount of activities.

Meanwhile, it is known that CN Blue’s new song is written by Jung YongHwa.

Source: sookyeong
Tags: c.n blue

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