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Lee Jung Hyun Reveals Comeback Concept Photo

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In the midst of preparing for her upcoming comeback, it was revealed that singer Lee Jung Hyun is in discussions with Lady Gaga’s company about a contract.

Lee Jung Hyun had recently visited Los Angeles to meet with Lady Gaga’s company. Lee Jung Hyun’s rep said on the 6th,

Last week, she went to LA and met with Lady Gaga’s people.

The meeting was about an exclusive contract. Lee Jung Hyun has been thinking about an American debut and they were discussing things about last minute decisions for a contract. Lady Gaga’s company watched Lee Jung Hyun’s upcoming music video for Suspicious Man. They liked the different theme and wanted to remix it for Lady Gaga’s album.

If you guys remember, Lee Jung Hyun opened for Lady Gaga’s Korea concert last year. Do you think she’s worthy of an American debut?

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But before all that, Lee Jung Hyun will be returning with her 7th album this month and she revealed her concept photo on May 6th, showing her transformation as a charismatic killer. Stay tuned to allkpop the release of her MV teaser soon.

Source: AKP

No, that's not Hyuna. I dunno about an American debut... She can barely speak English. I doubt that's what's in the works. Anyway, excited! :D
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