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[AUDIO] Kyuhyun’s Voice Message To E.L.F. 2010.05.06 WITH TRANSLATION

Rough translation made by jdluna13@yt:
“Hi, I’m Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Sorry Sorry has been a year and two months now. We are grateful that there are three consecutive albums that ELF have been waiting and receiving love. Hopefully the fourth album will receive as much love too because this album won’t let you down. We prepared for this. Please give it a lot of love. Thank you.”


Hello, I’m Super Junior’s Kyuhyun!
It’s been a year and two months since the release of our (album) ‘Sorry Sorry’.
Thanks to the ELF who has not have a change of heart, loving us, waiting for us till the 4th album.
Because this album will not disappoint everyone too, preparing (it) seriously.
Please keep by us*.
Please give us lots of support, please, thank you!

*Literally means to guard/defend them

Video credit: blueprincez4@yt
Source: SM Town
Credit: Kyuhyun's Baidu Bar
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Via: icepluscoffee

Awwwww :)

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Update: Title Song To Be Released On May 10th
The Super Junior official site’s schedule has been updated to include:
2010-05-10 Super Junior – The 4th Album Title Song Release!

[T/N]: Because there has been some confusion: “Title Song” means the song that’s their first single, and is called such because it also is usually the title of their album (eg. “Don’t Don”, “Sorry Sorry”). They’ll be releasing the actual song, not just the name of the song. I assume we’ll get the title of the song when we get the MV teaser tomorrow.

Original source: Super Junior Official Website
Translated by: ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Via: icepluscoffee

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Video credit: stuporsteam29@yt
Via: FY!Leeteuk
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