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Celebrities campaign to upgrade Korea’s image

Local celebrities including K-pop singer-actor Rain have teamed up with the Ministry of Culture and Internet portal Nate to upgrade Korea's image.

The campaign, dubbed "Creating a High-class Country With 28 Stars," was launched Thursday and has invited 28 popular figures to share their experience as honorary ambassadors for various government bodies and projects.

Baseball pitching coach Sun Dong-yeol, who is promoting law-and-order for the Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency, wrote about his observations of baseball games. "These days, spectators pick up after themselves when the game is over, and it's rare to see tissues or empty drink bottles and cigarette butts lying around. I believe this is a true example of fair play spirit."

Broadcaster Kim Sung-hwan, who is representing the Ministry of Justice, also shared his thoughts. "Let us abandon the thought 'I don't make much of a difference,' and try to observe the law for the small things in everyday life."

Other celebrities taking part in the event include Rain, who is promoting the globalization of hansik; movie star Ji Jin-hee, who is the ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization; comedian Nam Hee-seok, who is representing the antipiracy campaign "Copy Zero"; actor Zo In-sung, the face for Military Manpower Administration; and actor Jung Jun-ho, who is the ambassador for the Ministry of Unification.

The 28 participating stars will post their thoughts and feelings on Web sites
such as Korea's government policy portal and Nate's and

Each month several lucky netizens who comment on the celebrity messages will receive autographs and gifts such as CDs.

Source: The Korea Times
Tags: political news

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