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Does Rain Like 'em Old or Young?

Rain is a successful young man in the prime of his life - virile, strong, confident, um, ahem - he's doing well folks. Also with age comes maturity, and as if to emphasize this point Rain has been more candid in talking about his love life and the opposite sex in general this go 'round. In a recent interview on the radio show 'Park So Hyun's Love Game', he makes a statement that makes Lee Hyori/Rain fans happy, but then has them scratching their heads.

SH: Of course, I will do anything for you
Rain: Then don't let me be the DJ alone, give me a female partner as well.

SH: Whom do you want? How about choosing one from Girls Generation?
The age gap between me and Girls Generation is too big. I personally feel it will be interesting for me to host a show together with Li Hyori. We are good friends.

SH: Then why do you say that you like younger girls?
When did I say I like younger girls?

SH: It's obvious you like younger girls!
Rain: It's you who asked me first about Girls Generation.
I like younger girls but I love elder sisters!

SH: Your close friend Kim Tai Woo is in good terms with many young female singers. Do you envy him?
Not at all. I prefer elder sisters! I don't like girls who are too young.

SH: But as you grow older, your ideal type will change, right? Jihoon's ideal type has always been the same?
I have to tell the truth. When I was younger I like woman who are older than me, but now I like those who are younger than me. Sorry, I'm a man.

SH: Of course! I will keep my promise! Oh, you just said you will feel nervous to hold a woman's hand if she is not your lover. Why?
Rain: During the movie. If I am not too familiar with the actress, sometimes I will feel nervous.

So which is it Bi?  I've gotten the impression that despite his busy schedule, he's had ample time to  get busy with the ladies - maybe at this point Rain doesn't care how old they are - his fans definitely don't.

"Sorry, I'm a man." Ha! It's ok Rain  - I like you better that way.

Cr: Seoulbeats


Korean to Chinese: By EunHye
Chinese to English: huhuhuhu

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