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Seungri “I didn’t want to be left as Big Bang’s ‘cute maknae”

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“My solo album? Hahaha, it’s not a conspiracy with Yang CEO like I said on variety shows.”

Last 2009, Seungri (21, Lee Seung Hyun) came out with solo performances, surprising his fans. Turning into a Seungri that oozed of manliness, he exceeded expectations by having a stage performance that was impressive and talented.

My solo activities weren’t planned. There was this time I sang “U-Go-Girl” with Lee Hyori nuna at MKMF. Yang CEO saw that and I guess he thought ‘It’ll be okay if I put him up on stage alone.”

To promote a solo song which the hyungs haven’t even done. Seungri was so excited. He felt like he had the world at his fingertips.

“G-Dragon hyung said to me for the first time, ‘I’m jealous.’ Hahaha, my ego grew large. And I worked really hard to prepare for it. I didn’t want to be left as Big Bang’s ‘cute maknae.’ Really, I practised like crazy.”

Taking up exercise, he worked to throw away “young Seungri.” He wanted to show an image that wasn’t “Big Bang’s Maknae” but “manly,” and talent as an artist.

“I made my body through a totally sparta-like regimen. For food, I ate mostly Korean food, and I changed the way I spoke, the way I walked, my posture, and the way I looked at people. I wanted to go for a sexy concept. I wanted to have the music video be a little dangerous. Hahaha, Yang CEO also said, “Do it however you want” and gave me freedom to do what I wanted.”

Choreographing for his song himself, he was so happy. It felt like a dream, that he could make the perfect performance he’d imagined in his head.

“I was even more happy because the response was good. It doesn’t matter if I just tried and worked hard. It only means something if the public likes it. The hardest thing is when people show disappoitment. It’s hard because you see this, not because it’s hard physically.” 

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'my ego grew large' LOLOLOL ilhsfm
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