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Lee Joon and Han SeonHwa are the ‘white paper couple’ on Invincible Youth

MBLAQ Lee Joon and Secret Han SeonHwa has become the ‘white paper couple’ on KBS Invincible Youth.

On the show aired on 7th may, Lee Joon had appeared as guest appearance on the show, and with his outstanding appearance and build, he has attracted much interests for the G7 members.

Kim TaeWoo then request for him to choose which G7 member he likes the most and he was down with choosing between Narsha and Han SeonHwa but his final answer was, “I like Narsha.” He even pointed out Narsha’s signature hairstyle.

But when it came to the multiplication table questions, Lee Joon’s answers had made him another member of the ‘white paper world’. And was even called the ‘white paper couple’ together with Han SeonHwa who is the ‘white paper girl’ on the show.

Credits: K-bites + CodeMonmonMixes

I want my Joon and Hyomin... T.T
Tags: mblaq, secret, tv shows

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