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CL Gains Another Fan !

We all know how fierce the leader is on stage but it is still especially significant when other people actually point it out, on air even. Brown Eyed Soul’s member, Ahn Jung Yup, expressed his admiration for the charismatic leader on the May 9th episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

When asked who in KPOP he wants to have a collaboration with, the talented singer stated that it was CL who has caught his attention. It is great to know that not only fans but also people in the same industry feel the same towards 2NE1’s leader. Just so you know, legendary Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are listed as two of his favorite musicians, making this news particularly bigger. Plus, this person has pretty impressive pipes; it is an honor to be even mentioned by him.

The Quiett also picks CL as his favorite female idol group member

This is old news but this is not the first time a KPOP veteran acknowledged CL on air. The Quiett, ultra cool producer responsible for some of Drunken Tiger, Tasha and Epik High’s hits has also taken a liking towards our beloved leader. In an old interview with popular blogger, Ellie, he revealed that 2NE1 is his favorite female idol group and CL is the member that he likes the most.

You probably don’t care but Ellie is a huge fan of CL. Check out her reaction upon learning that The Quiett is a CL fan as well at 2:57.

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