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False alarm for Lee JungHyun after being caught at domestic airport for holding on to ‘illegal firea

Singer Lee JungHyun gets into an embarrassing incident for being arrested at the airport.

Lee JungHyun who is preparing for her 7th album ‘Lee JungHyun 007th’ was in the States to gather the clothes and props for her album recently, and when she was back at the domestic airport she was caught up at the customs for holding on to ‘illegal weapons’.

It was then found out that the ‘illegal weapons’ turned out to be model firearms accessories for Lee JungHyun’s upcoming album jacket. Yet another happening for Lee JungHyun in her preparations for her 7th album.

Meanwhile, there has been much interests over the upcoming album after the teaser video for the title song ‘Suspicious Man’ has been released.

The full MV will be released at 11am KST on 11th May on various internet portal sites.

Source: sookyeong
Tags: airport, lee jung-hyun

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