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Haha and Tiger JK to collaborate for sad ballad song ‘Alcohol Bottle’

Entertainer Haha and musician Tiger JK will come together for a collaboration on music genre that is different from their usual style.

It is known that Haha’s music follows usually the reggae style from his previous hits like ‘You’re My Destiny’ and ‘Story Of A Short Kid’, and Tiger JK is known for his hip hop music.But for their collaboration, they will be doing a ballad song ‘Alcohol Bottle’. The song will be a sad ballad number with rock and hiphop song arrangement mix, and without Tiger JK’s signature rap.

Meanwhile, Haha also revealed the release of the new song on his Twitter on 10th May, “My album will be revealed at noon today. A precious person had helped me. And he is Tiger JK hyungnim.”

Source: sookyeong

Source: notsuspendedyet9
Tags: collaboration, drunken tiger

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