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f(x)'s NU ABO; "Look Touch Dance" and "NaNaNa Dance" are predicted hits & Star News Interview

[TVDaily = Reporter Che JoonYong] A new trend is beginning to gather a lot of attention- the powerful dance of f(x)’s ‘NU ABO’

Last weekend, broadcasted music programs aired f(x)’s first comeback stages for “NU ABO,” showcasing f(x)’s professionalism and skill in live performances as well as fresh, stylish dance choreography which attracted many music fans into the discography.

In particular, the dance shown in the refrain of the song where the members look into a mirror and apply make up which was dubbed the ‘Look touch dance” and the section of choreography where the members shake both their arms which was dubbed the “NaNaNa Dance” [by fans] as well as the point in the choreography where Victoria moved her legs tore up the stage, a predicted hit from even now.

In addition, ‘NU ABO’s dance carries an atmosphere of intensity, but f(x)’s song’s charisma upon the stage comes from their dynamic choreography as well as their abundance of energy as well as their hard effort which allows for their personalities to be felt, thereby being an individual, completely satisfying Asian dance pop group.

On the other hand, f(x)’s first mini album, “NU ABO” has been receiving very positive reactions, reaching 1st on various music charts.

기사제보 news@tvdaily.co.kr

Source: Reporter Che JoonYong of TVDaily
Translator: mongoosedragon
Credits: Aff(x)tion Forums


It has been only 8 months since they were able to meet their fans, but it is hard for the fans to watch over this group. One reason because they always have to get used to the new change every time they group makes a comeback, but another reason is because they are able to see cute and pretty girl group dancing with a lot of power. This is a story of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal and Sulli.

f(x) has gotten a lot of interest even before their debut since fans have heard that the leader Victoria was Chinese and that Amber was American. f(x) has also gotten high expectations from the fans because Krystal is SNSD Jessica's little sister and Sulli was known as a child actress since she came out on ‘Seodong Yo’.

If the expectations are high, the disappointment can also be big. But f(x) has gone above and beyond the everyone’s expectations. Starting from 'LachaTA' to 'Chu~' and to 'Chocolate Love' they have made all those songs into hit songs and showed that they are a girl group with amazing skills.

Some people think that the reason they have succeeded is because they are working under SM Entertainment. But because they have gathered Oppa, Unnie, Uncle, Aunt and many overseas fans without having many overseas events in under 8 months, it is easy to say f(x) has succeeded because of their individual talents and charms.

We have met with f(x) who can sometimes be cute and sometimes be serious about music.

-The title song of the new album has an unusual name. What does 'NU ABO' stand for? Also please tell us more about the song.
> (Luna) Nu means new since it sounds like new and ABO stands for blood types. So this song is like a brand new blood type, showing our fans how unique we are. It's also dance song with strong beats to it.

-Does it have a catchy dance?
> (Amber) Looking in the mirror and touching our cheeks, so it's called 'cheek touch dance'. Although the name might sound cute, the dance is supposed to have a powerful feeling to it. We didn't have time to name our dance moves yet so we are happy that our fans made it up for us.

-Up until now, you have only released singles, now you finally revealed your first mini album after 8 months...
> (Victoria) We have a total of 6 songs in the CD and we really like it since all the songs that we like are in there. We worked really hard on this album after our 'Chu~' promotion ended. So we were really nervous, like if we were debuting all over again.
> (Krystal) Although we were able to express ourselves with 'LachaTA' and 'Chu~', I think we were able to show our individualities more because we worked and spent a lot of time in this new album. Victoria became sexier, Sulli is always cute, Luna's charisma became stronger, and Amber's boyish charm has been upgraded. Oh right and I... (Luna interrupts) Krystal's charms have been upgraded too.

-In May, you're promoting with a lot of top singers and popular groups. If you were to say how f(x) is different from others...
> (Sulli) We kept on saying we want to be Asia's best pop dance group ever since we debuted. Individually, we all can show different charms but if you put us all together you can get the synergy effect. So when we are promoting 'NU ABO', we hope we'll get this kind of an effect. Of course we still have a lot of things to learn from our sunbaes.

-You guys have a lot of overseas fans...
> (Amber) When we went to Thailand and Japan recently, we were surprised that so many people came. We never had a special promotion overseas but we already had so many fans. It made me want to work even harder.

-Other than promoting your new song, what do you guys currently doing and what do you want to do?
> (Sulli) I became a high school student this year and truthfully it's really cool. Since I'm now a high school student, I wanted to go to school even more but because of the promotions I'm not able to. But since I'm doing the thing that I love the most, I'm trying my best with all the responsibility I have. Also, I'm a MC in SBS's 'Inkigayo', and I'm really thankful that 2PM's Taecyeon and Wooyoung oppa and all the staff are nice to me. And if I have the opportunity to act again like I did when I was little, I would love to do it.
> (Krystal) I'm' also in 9th grade, and I go to the same school as U-Kiss's Dongho. Maybe it's because we're in different classes, but I've never seen him at school. Recently, I was chosen to be a MC in Ariang's Music program 'The M-Wave' along with MBLAQ's Cheondoong oppa. We use both English and Korean and since I heard there will be at least 188 episodes, I feel a lot of pressure. Also, I would like to become a permanent DJ for a radio show.
> (Luna) I'm in 10th grade and I'm going to the same school as T-ara's Jiyeon. These days, I'm a guest on Star King and it's really fun. Because of that, I would like to try many different things. I would also like to be a part of a musical later on.
> (Victoria) A while back, we all went to my hometown Qingdao and did a concert there. I was really moved. My mom was there and she cooked a lot of delicious food for the members. So after having sucess in Korea, I hope we would be able to go to China and do more concerts there. Oh also I would like to try acting.
> (Amber) My parents are living in LA, and these days I'm becoming more comfortable in our dorm. I'm still studying Korean, but I would like to go on entertainment shows more often.

-Any last words regarding your new album...
> (Krystal) We'll show you our different charms so it'll be nice if you guys can recognize f(x)'s individuality.
> (Sulli) I hope with this new song, we'll be one step closer to becoming Asia's best pop dance group.
> (Victoria) Although the fans have been waiting a while for this new album, we have been waiting a while too. So we'll work really hard. I hope this album will be a success.
> (Amber) Like our name, we change a lot. We'll show you our different selves again with this new album.
> (Luna) Every single song in our new album has a meaning to it. It'll be nice if everyone listened to every single one of our new songs. I want to show you guys how much we improved with this new album.

Source: Star News
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credit: aff(x)tion forums

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